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They say the best businesses are born out of need.

[hr] [one_fourth][/one_fourth] [one_half]In the summer of 2011, life and business partners Craig Hackey and Melissa Patenaude bought a DSLR camera and started searching for a camera strap of quality and remarkable style. They didn’t find anything to fit their style.

Their passion for great design and frustration with the lack of fashionable accessories in the camera space, led them to build A7. They haven’t looked back.

The ever growing team is held together by a shared passion for pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. We currently work from one Brooklyn office where the creative, engineering, merchandising, and marketing are done, and we partner with some of the best manufacturers in the country for our production, in New York, and in Massachusetts. We visit our manufacturers often to keep the highest level of quality.[/one_half][one_fourth_last] [/one_fourth_last] [/spb_text_block] [blank_spacer height=”20px” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] [fullwidth_text alt_background=”none” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]


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“[A7 is] definitely worth checking out if you want to be as stylish as the subjects you’re capturing.”


“The stock straps that usually come with a new camera are a bit generic and the A7 original camera strap definitely gives it a bit of an edge. I’ve attached the A7 to my 7D and I already love the way it looks. As a person of style and character, I think my accessories should embody the same characteristics. I can’t wait to break this strap in and give it its own personality.”

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“Indeed, this has to be the most comfortable neck strap I’ve wrapped around my wrist, and other major camera companies should take notice.”


“If your camera is as much a fashion statement as it is a tool of your trade, you need to take a look at A7 Camera Straps.  A7 is a camera accessory company that is fashionable enough to have a ‘spring collection’. “

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“What I enjoy most about this adjustable camera strap, aside from the unfinished edges, is that they have taken the most basic silhouette and made it from the perfect weight of leather which will age nicely and hold up well. Most people have the basic nylon straps with their camera and they are so generic it hurts.”


[…] the beauty of the strap is it’s simplicity. The brown or tan leather band set your camera apart, yet blends in nicely with the background.

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